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Getting to the root of the problem: Saving 130-year old trees

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AUBURN, Ala (WTVM) – The massive effort to save the 130-year old oak trees continues.

News Leader 9 was the only one allowed behind the fence into the tents and able to see what kind of work is being done.

The root systems of the two oaks are completely exposed, after workers spent all day vacuuming up the contaminated soil.

Experts say between late spring and late fall the trees should begin showing signs that they will either live or die.

Meanwhile, 62-year old Harvey Updyke of Dadeville has a new attorney, Glennon Threatt from Birmingham.

This is his 4th attorney since Updyke was arrested last week. The other 3 attorneys removed themselves from the case.

His new attorney was on Paul Finebaum's sports radio show Tuesday and said he plans to defend Updyke.

Threatt believes the key to his client's defense will be changing the perception of the man himself. He said Updyke plans to plead not guilty to the charges against him and will ask for a change of venue.

A preliminary hearing has been set for March 2nd at 9 am for Updyke, accused of poisoning the oaks.

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