Columbus approves stabilization program for neighborhoods

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Many homes sit vacant for months if not a year, but after a $1.1 million amendment approval by Columbus city council Tuesday night, those houses won't be empty for long.

"That money will be used to buy as many as 8 foreclosed projects that are in various neighborhoods throughout the community," Fox said.

NeighborWorks sales director David Fox says the homes, many of which are eyesores in a community will be renovated and made available to low income families in need of housing. The goal, he says is to revitalize neighborhoods and hopefully inspire others in the community to take more pride in their homes.

"It may have a positive impact on other people to actually paint their houses, clean up around it," Fox said.

Many of the homes that end up on the list to be renovated have been abandoned or not kept up by property owners. If owners don't make necessary repairs as ordered by the city's inspectors, then the city council has the authority to demolish them.

"We basically have an inventory to look at without having to get involved with individual property owners," Fox said.

From this point the race is on to find eight homes to renovate. Fox says that these homes will prove to not only benefit the communities but the entire city.

"Every neighborhood I think is proud that something positive is happening to these homes," Fox said.

Once the homes in Phase-1 of this project are complete, realtors will begin selecting homes throughout the city that are in need of a renovation.

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