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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Fifty years ago the CSS Jackson, a confederate war ship, was salvaged from the Chattahoochee River after being burned almost to a crisp.

With the anniversary coming up, Columbus State University's communications department teamed up with the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus to create a documentary.  The purpose will be to preserve the story of the salvaging and conservation of the ships Jackson and Chattahoochee by the citizens of Columbus in the early 1960's.

"This salvaging is Columbus' story. Here you have a ship that was built here and that died here and that was salvaged here," said Ken Johnston, Director of Programs.

The group is asking for help from citizens who have first hand accounts of the salvaging.

CSU Communications Student Josh Pate explained, "We do not want to take anything you have. We just want to see what you have and be able to document it and film it so we can tell the total story of the ship's recovery."

If you are interested in giving an interview, telling your stories, or showing them your "goodies" from the ship, call 706-327-9798 or email

Columbus Remembers: Jackson/Chattahoochee Salvage Oral History Project

Conducted by
The National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus and the Communication Department of Columbus State University

Project Contact for Museum
Ken Johnston – Director of Programs & Education

Museum Website with Oral History Project Form

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