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Electronic cigarettes could be healthier and save money

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The Justice Department wants tobacco companies to make corrections to past advertisements and labeling that left out the harmful effects of cigarettes.

According to an article by the Associated Press, if the fourteen statements are approved, the tobacco industry will have to then pay for advertisements correcting their past labeling about cigarettes' health risks.

With all this current debate about making sure the public is aware of the health risks of cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are a different way to satisfy a nicotine craving.

Jeffrey Freeman, a medical student, explained to News Leader Nine the electronic cigarette goes beyond cutting back second hand smoke.

"I would have objection to it because it's maybe one more gimmick to get people to smoke," said Freeman.

Velma Hartley owns the Tobacco Place.   She said her shop cannot keep the electronic cigarettes on their shelves.  Due to the high demand, they have been forced to triple the amount they order.

"We have place calling every day when we run out before our order gets here.  We'll have 7 to 8 people calling everyday wanting to know if they're here yet," said Hartley.

Hartley said there are several differences between traditional and the electronic cigarettes.

"You're not getting any of the tar, the smoke, the second hand smoke.  Nothing is going in your lungs," said Hartley.

According to Hartley, this because all you are exhaling is water vapor.  For this reason, users can smoke them anywhere without hurting anyone.  However, the electronic cigarettes still have addictive nicotine and a study by the Food and Drug Administration found that some had an ingredient also used to make antifreeze.  But, Hartley said they can help people kick their smoking habit.

"People have gradually weaned themselves off cigarettes to this and then gradually quit smoking," said Hartley.

Hartley said the electronic cigarettes can even save a smoker some money.  Each starter kit includes A nicotine cartridge, a battery, and a USB cable for charging.  Hartley said about one cartridge equals about one pack of cigarettes.  She said that a package of 10 cartridges costs less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes. 

Freeman said he encourages everyone to stay away from cigarettes, but the decision is up to each person.

"If it has no bearing on me or the people around me, that's fine," said Freeman.

He said he will be staying away from cigarettes, traditional or electronic.

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