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Alabama Law officers concerned about money for meth clean up

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Russell County, AL (WTVM) - Like many law enforcement officers around the state of Alabama, Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor is concerned. The thousands of dollars usually administered by the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration to state law offices for meth clean up is not part of President Obama's 2011 Budget. 

   Sheriff Taylor says while this could pose problems it won't stand in the way of cracking down on meth labs in Alabama.

"It's not going to deter how we go after meth labs. We are just going to find an alternative to disposing of the product once we get it in hand," Sheriff Taylor said.

     Valley Police Chief Tommy Weldon told us today that for now everyone is waiting to see what will happen when the final budget is approved. Weldon says that disposal of the chemicals in meth labs is an important part of the process and has to handle by certified technicians. If meth labs aren't properly disposed of they can pose a threat to people in the community. 

     Clean up costs for meth labs range from one thousand five-hundred dollars to three thousand dollars.  Sheriff Taylor says that the money will be an issue but getting the labs shut-down and closed won't be.

  "I don't see it affecting the front end and that is the apprehension of the lab," Sheriff Taylor said.

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