Soldiers get turret training at Armor School

By Mackenzie Patterson - email

FORT BENNING, GA (WXTX) -  While the full transition of soldiers from Fort Knox to Fort Benning is still underway, the first course at the new Armor School is about two months into training.  The soldiers said they are already seeing the benefits of base realignment and closure or BRAC.

Daniel Wilson is a new instructor for the Bradley Fighter Vehicle System Maintainer course at the Armor School on Fort Benning.  But, Wilson is not new to this type of course.  He just came to Fort Benning from Fort Knox as part of BRAC.  Wilson described one of his students, Private Daniel Sanchez, to News Leader Nine.

"He just carries himself well.  He pays attention, and he's a pretty good private," said Wilson.

Sanchez is taking the turret training course meant to give soldiers a hands-on experience for working maintenance on rotating weapon platforms on top of Bradley Fighter Vehicles or BFV.  This training is apart of an overall maintenance, or mechanics course,  that is the first since the Armor School made the move to Fort Benning.

"We can be in the turret, in the simulated turret.  I like the engines.  We were in the engine bays.  It was right there in front of you.  You get to see everything," said Sanchez.

There are 25 of these simulated turrets at the school.  This is enough to train 100 soldiers.

Wilson explained such intensive course is vital to the soldiers' training.

"They get a chance to do it here, and they see it.  They just really get a good feel for it so that way their confidence is up," Wilson explained.

Tim Pyeron is also from Fort Knox and is over all the BFV training.  He said the program focuses giving a real life picture of situations in the field.

"We actually induce faults in these trainers, and they'll go try to trouble shoot the faults," said Pyeron

He said this training can help to keep things working for other soldiers.

"In order to keep these vehicles on the battlefield, we got to have one of the best trained mechanics there is," said Pyeron.

This is not the last part of the course for the soldiers.  Next, they move on to gun training and then, a mock battlefield where they will put everything they have learned into action.

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