Crucial witnesses testified in James Brock murder trial

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  Key witness testimony was heard Tuesday in the murder trial against James Brock who is charged with shooting and killing the young mother of his children and her friend at Crystal Place Apartments in October 2009.

At the beginning of the trial James Brock requested a bench trial, meaning no jury will be selected for the murder trial and the final decision will be made by the judge.

With the absence of a jury, things moved at a faster pace inside the courtroom than with a typical murder trial.

In all, 35 witnesses are slated to take the stand, on Tuesday, 11 of those testified. Officer with the Columbus Police Department set up the crime scene in court by talking about when the calls came in to the 911 center, how they questioned witnesses in the area and where they found the two bodies. Police testified Tyesha McNair was found in the fetal position on the floor of her living room, dead from multiple gunshot wounds. Terrence Clark was dead from apparent gunshot wounds lying on his back in the parking lot outside the apartment.

The prosecution played recordings of calls that came in to 911 that morning. One caller, who lived in the Crystal Place Apartments, said she heard what sounded like gunshots and saw a man wearing all black clothing run behind the apartments.

Two men, who could be considered crucial witnesses, also took the stand. The first was Marvell Glover, a co-worker of James Brock's in 2009, who testified that at 4 o'clock on the morning of October 13th James Brock came to his front door, looking frantic. Glover says Brock told him, "I can't believe I killed them both." Glover also said Brock told him about stashing his clothes and the gun used in the shootings at a friend's house.

That friend, Alexander Macon, also took the stand and corroborated the same story. Macon said James Brock stopped by his house the morning of October 13th as well, handing him a bag of black clothes and a gun. Brock told him to "take care of this."

Because Marvell Glover and Alexander Macon both laid out the same series of events and recalled the same story told to them by James Brock, their testimony could carry a lot of weight in this double murder trial. In the end, it won't be up to a jury to decide, but that decision will lie in the hands of the judge.

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