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Child bounces back after being severely burned in daycare fire

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Two-year-old Josiah Streeter has been through more than most children his age.

He may have a few scrapes and burns but you would never know that he nearly died a year ago when his daycare caught fire. His parents Dameyon and Kimberly, remember February 26, 2010 as if it were yesterday.

"At the time nobody would was telling us anything just that there had been an accident and he was burned," Kimberly Streeter said.  

"Josiah being at the day care, it never crossed my mind that anything was going to happen to him," Dameyon Streeter said.

Josiah was one of nine children inside the daycare when it went up in flames. He suffered severe burns to his face hands and legs. Because of his injuries Josiah was transported to a hospital in Augusta, where he fought for his life.

"Things that the doctors were telling us, how he wasn't going to make it and if he was going to make it he would be a vegetable and he wouldn't walk and he couldn't talk and just to see him run around and play it's a miracle," Streeter said.

Like a Phoenix Josiah rose from the ashes, he spent 23 days in a coma and six weeks in recovery. Through it all his parents and brother were by his side.

"Never gave up hope. Regardless if he was going to be a vegetable or not, we just wanted him to be alive," Streeter said.

Even though Josiah is a happy health baby, that dark day in February of last year will forever be etched in the minds of his parents.    

"Everything is still kind of shaky, when you receive a call at work, first thing come to your mind is that situation," Kimberly Streeter said.

"It's sad that it happened but to have him here with us is a blessing," Dameyon Streeter said.

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