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Changes to state gas tax could see prices increase

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgina Green is already unhappy about rising gas prices and now a new proposal from the state tax council could make prices higher.

"It's already people struggling so hard; just to you know keep up with these gas prices," Georgina Green said.

The full gas tax would go towards the cost of road construction throughout the state of Georgia. Rick Bywater believes the tax could benefit everyone.

"It's good then because some of the roads are pretty bad, they got a lot of pot-holes in them and stuff," Bywater said.

On average people pay about 50¢ a gallon in taxes. The federal gas tax is just over 18¢ per gallon. The state tax is about 20¢, essentially two taxes in one. A sales tax of about 7¢ a gallon and another tax that changes every six months depending on the price of gas.

State law makers say that the new tax will be so small of an amount that you may not realize the increase but people at the pump we spoke to today disagree.

"I think anything that is going to increase the prices of fuel is going to affect all of us, it's going to affect the economy and, at this time you don't really need it," Chris Leslie said.  

For Georgiana Green who owns a lawn-care business, gas is a necessity she can't afford to live with or without. She doesn't believe anyone will be able to benefit from the road repairs.

"What road am I going to be able to travel on if I don't have enough money to pay for the gas," Green said.

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