RSA chief's youngest daughter dies

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WSFA) – Dr. David Bronner, Chief of Alabama's Retirement Systems of Alabama, and his family are mourning the loss of their youngest daughter, 25-year-old Allison Bronner.

"Everybody's kind of still in shock," said RSA Deputy Director Marc Reynolds. "She was a wonderful person."

Allison was found deceased at her home in Birmingham Thursday evening. The Jefferson County Coroner's office believes her death to be of natural causes.

According to Reynolds, a family friend was sent to check on Allison after her parents hadn't heard from her in several days.

Allison graduated from Montgomery Academy and attended the University of Alabama on a full academic scholarship. She was in her third year of law school studying security law, a subject close to her father's heart.

"She was very smart, just a great person," said Reynolds. "There's no doubt she would have been successful in whatever she decided to do."

The Bronner family has asked for privacy as they mourn their daughter's passing. Dr. Bronner's wife, Mary Lynn, and Allison's siblings, George and Courtney, are said to be with the rest of the family in Birmingham.

No funeral arrangements have been made at this time.

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