One group is trying to save the lives of thousands of animals

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  Whether you're an animal person or not, it's hard to ignore the shocking statistics that thousands of animals are put to sleep every year just because they don't have homes, but now a group of Columbus residents is coming together to hopefully change those numbers.

"A couple of us have met informally and are trying to get more people involved to try to make a difference in our community by saving as many animals as possible from euthanasia and finding them forever homes," explained Allison Estes, a new member of the "No Kill Animal Control" group.

One of their main concerns is the number of animals taken to animal control that are put to sleep if they are not adopted.

Geneva Taylor is the youngest member, at just 11 years old. She told News Leader Nine, "Every life is important and I believe it really needs to change here. There's 8,000 animals that come to Animal Control every year and 7,000 die."

The women met on various Facebook groups and all bring a bit of expertise to the table, whether that's fostering animals, volunteering with shelters or helping find lost pets.

"I've actually done 32 rescues so far and several of them are still in foster care waiting for their forever homes of waiting to go to a rescue but most of them are already at their rescue or forever home," said Geneva Taylor.

Estes added, "Adopting animals and fostering them and finding them homes is only one part of the big picture. I think the spay and neuter laws are important, the city laws regarding animals are important. I think there could be positive changes made at Animal Control to get more awareness of the wonderful animals that are available there for adoption."

The "No Kill Animal Control" group works closely with PAWS Humane and Happy Homes in Muscogee County, along with other animal organizations.

If you would like to get involved with this group you can find them on Facebook at

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