Victims' families react to convicted murderer James Brock

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  Judge Bobby Peters found James Brock guilty for the 2009 murders of Tyesha McNair and Terrence Clark. After five days of hearing witness testimony and seeing nearly 100 pieces of evidence, Judge Peters made his decision.

He said throughout the case Brock showed no remorse, offered no apologies and never admitted having anything to do with the shooting deaths.

James Brock's attorney, Shevon Thomas said, "I'm not in the business of questioning verdicts at all. Some verdicts go your way and some don't. The judge heard the evidence and I have all the confidence he approached his verdict from an objective standpoint."

Assistant District Attorney LaRae Moore said, "I thought guilty was an appropriate verdict. There was never any doubt in my mind, based on the evidence we had, that we had the right person. I think the verdict of life without parole is an equally important verdict."

The victim's family members left the courtroom with tears in their eyes for their losses, but joy in their hearts for Monday's verdict.

Tyesha McNair's mother LaTonya Boyd told News Leader Nine, "I'm very happy that a verdict has been handed down and he'll never be able to get out and hurt anyone else. He messed up a lot of lives, not only mine, but my granddaughters will never be the same after this. My mother will never be the same after this. She was very close with Tyesha just like I was."

James Brock will serve two consecutive life sentences without the chance of parole plus five year for weapons charges.

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