Elementary school students get "tech"nical with iPads

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

PHENIX CITY, AL (WXTX) -  It seems new technology rolls out every day and those using these gadgets are much younger than the people buying them. News Leader Nine found one local elementary school has its students clicking through their education.

"Take your iPad and there is a little search bar in the right corner. You're going to click on it," explained third grade intern Casey Walker.

One third grade class at Lakewood Elementary School in Phenix City is replacing textbooks with the latest technology.

Third Grade teacher, Brandi Laney, said, "They're eventually going to get to where they don't have textbooks. They have computers and nooks and iPads where they are learning. If we don't expose them to it now, by the time they're grown they'll be at a disadvantage or be behind."

Not only is the technology fun for the kids, but they actually use it as a learning tool in the classroom.

Taelor Borboe is already an "expert" with the iPad and she's only in third grade. She explained, "You would scroll over the butterflies or whichever one you want to learn about and it'll tell you interesting facts about it."

Laney added, "They get it and just go wild with it. They aren't afraid to mess it up or try new things or to mash the buttons. They aren't afraid to mess up."

Many of us can't even remember having a computer in the classroom when we were growing up, but these kids have all kinds of hands-on technology. They use the iPads for virtually every lesson and even to do class projects.

"We use them for math with flashcards. We use them in social studies. We did a "Famous Americans" project and they had to use an iPad app to make a video," said Laney.

Taelor also said, "You get to touch it and you get to learn more facts than someone just looking it up for you."

Several schools in the area are starting to use iPads in the classroom. Northside High School in Muscogee County plans to launch the technology this week and Harris County Schools are beginning to look in to iPads in their schools.

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