Teachers spend "a day in the life of a soldier"

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Educators from across Alabama got an up close and personal look at what being a soldier is really like.  They spent the day on Ft. Benning watching leadership drills, airborne training and then lunch in a mess hall.

"It kind of opened our eyes to when you join the military, not everybody is running around on the battlefield," said CVCC Recruiter Beth Parkman.

That was just one of the myths dispelled about the Army.

Professor Diane Gerard explained, "I did not know they were as up to date, as current, as state of the art, as career oriented in careers that would transfer easily out of the military into civilian life."

Army Recruiting specialist, Don Ellwood, said some teachers, principals and counselors think "the Army is the last resort. If a kid is not going to college, we should send them to the Army recruiter and they will fix them."  He said this is completely wrong. "The Army is going more high tech and raising standards." Ellwood believes it is important to educate the educators because they are on the front lines of helping students decide their future.

119th  Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Townley Hedrick said, "These are the same kids that just passed through their class or their high school and now they are representing their country. We like to see them look at the product they sent us."

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