Be There: Give and Receive

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  What would you do if you found a $20 bill lying on the ground? Better yet, what would your child do with the cash? In this week's "Be There" we tell the story of how one boy learned to do the right thing with his findings.

Gentian Elementary School 3rd grader Nathan Robinson saw something out of place on the playground, "There was a boulder and I found it right next to that."

But instead of stuffing the 20 bucks in his pocket, he wanted to do something good with the money.

Nathan explained, "We had a donation box for kids with diabetes and I wanted to donate it."

His mother, Maria Robinson told News Leader Nine, "He went into the classroom to donate that money. The teacher noticed what he was doing and she wanted him to hold on to the money to make sure no one claimed it and if no one claimed it, then he could donate it at that time."

Then two weeks later Nathan was on the playground again... And you'll never believe what he found.

"He said he looked down and under his foot was another $20 bill and he couldn't believe it. He said there must be treasure on the playground. So he said he went back into the classroom and wanted to donate that money also, but the box wasn't there," said his mother.

His teacher was surprised too and called Nathan's parents to see what she should do next. Maria said, "We told her if no one claimed it, he could keep it for doing a good deed the first time."

Again, no one claimed the money and Nathan got to reward himself. He said, "I went to the store and bought something."

Maria Robinson added, "I was proud and I was excited that with the first 20, we told him if you give you should receive. For him to see that gift in action, that was a proud moment for my husband and me because we speak to our children about taking care of the community and themselves."

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