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Unemployment rises in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -Dominique Elam has been actively searching for a job for a few months. But for now he's relying on unemployment benefits to make ends meet. So far he says things are going well, so well he's on the fence about passing up his weekly unemployment check.

 "The unemployment benefits I'm getting are more than what I would be making working," Elam said.

Dominique says he gets about 300 dollars a week in unemployment funds, essentially 1300 dollars a month.

"On my behalf it's beneficial towards me because minimum wage job won't weigh up to what I'm getting on unemployment right now," Elam said.

For the past three years Sheena Robinson has worked at Burger King in Columbus. Her paychecks add up to about 750 dollars a month, that's a little more than half of what Dominique, brings home. Robinson says while unemployment funds may be more, at the end of the day she will always have her job.

"That security is there I know that I have a job, and I know that I can go there whenever they call and when I'm scheduled to work so yes I say my job is better because unemployment can go out," Robinson said.

According to the Georgia department of labor, a person can claim regular state unemployment funds for six months. People can also apply for emergency unemployment compensation, along with extended state benefits and federal additional compensation.

The total comes to 99 weeks that a person can receive unemployment benefits. But those extended benefits will only last until June 9th, 2012.

Meantime, Dominique says he will keep searching until he finds a job. For now, he has to rely on the check he gets every week.

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