2 foxes killed for possible rabies in Harris County

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

ELLERSLIE, GA (WTVM) - Seeing a fox in Harris County is not rare. But, having that fox come up to you, is.

Dennis Riley and his neighbors on Scott Road called Harris County Sheriff's deputies Thursday when a fox tried to get into a truck with a man.

"You walk up to it and it would not run like a normal fox. It just sits there," explained Riley.

Deputies believed the animal to be rabid and killed it.

That was the second time they have dealt with a possibly rabid fox in one week.

The first time was near a home on Highway 315. The residents called deputies when they noticed the fox sitting very still at their fence line for several hours.

Foxes are not usually visible during the day and are not social animals.

"They do not hang out with us. So, if you have a fox acting suspicious, please stay away," urged Sandra Wilson from the Harris County Health Department.

She advises that you teach children that these animals are wild and should be left alone.

"We recommend, particularly living up here in the county where we know we have rabies, people keep animals vaccinated."

Click here for more rabies information on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website.

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