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Local students survive Earthquake in Japan

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After hearing word that a monstrous earthquake hit Japan, Hannah Israel immediately became worried... Her husband Columbus State University Art professor Orion Wertz was there on a special spring break trip with another faculty member and seven students.

"I opened my email, he had emailed saying everybody was fine," Israel said.

 Finding out that everybody was okay, gave Hannah piece of mind.

"It seems that they are still in good spirits after all these things happening," Israel said.

Before we met up with Hannah she had just received another email from her husband

"He emailed and said there are bakery's open and supermarkets, so hopefully they are going to find something to eat," Hannah said.

Having gone on similar trips in the past with students Hannah says that the city of Tokyo is built to handle these types of natural disasters. According to her husband the city wasn't hit as hard as areas to the north.

"I think they have sort of gotten into a survival mode and they are keeping close together and started talking about may be some plans and how to get out in Tokyo," Israel said.

We reached out to Professor Wertz by email today. He told us this evening,

"Thank you for expressing your concern regarding our welfare. Though the quake here in Tokyo was quite alarming, it was not nearly as severe as the quake in northern Japan. Our students are doing well and the city in general seems to be responding to the event in an orderly and well-managed manner."

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