Alabama man arrested after alleged sexual assault at YMCA

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Police have arrested a Coosa County Man in connection with a sexual assault of a teenage boy at the Bell Road Branch of the Montgomery YMCA.

63 year old Michael Lee Harris is charged with first degree sodomy. YMCA President and CEO Bob McGaughey told WSFA 12 News the teenager said the incident happened in the locker room at the facility.

"As soon as it was reported to us, it was beyond our scope of dealing with, that's why the police were involved, in fact the police were involved before we even finished the report," McGaughey said.

Police said the teen's parents had also called them about the alleged assault.  McGaughey said the YMCA has cooperated with the police in its investigation.  It turned over logs of everyone who entered the building within two hours of the time of the incident.

"We were then able to give all the officers the information that we had or we knew which was very limited at that time," McGaughey said.  "We do have a system that we can tell who's in our building, when they check in every person has to come and check in."

McGaughey said the YMCA takes the safety of its members seriously.  He believes the YMCA doesn't have to make any changes to its safety procedures, because they all worked in the case.

"What was reported to us happened in a very public place, where there's visibility and as soon as it was reported to us, the police, we filled out our incident report.  The police were involved in the very beginning of the process," McGaughey said.

McGaughey said Harris will likely be barred from entering a Montgomery YMCA ever again.   Police arrested Harris Friday at Montgomery Police Headquarters and he was taken to the Montgomery County Detention Facility.  Sheriff's deputies told WSFA 12 News Harris is no longer in their custody.  Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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