Living legacy: woman turns 104

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - In 1907, Theodore Roosevelt was President, the Model-T had not made its debut, and Wilma Whiddon was born.  The Phenix City woman is a living legacy.  She celebrated her 104th birthday this week surrounded by 5 generations of family.

"Feels pretty old," said Whiddon.

She was born in Girard in 1907 before it was known as Phenix City.  She has lived history that most people only can see through old photographs.  She worked as a mill worker at Bibb Mill until she was 67.

Now, only charred remains are left of the mill after a fire in 2008.  And, today, she is surrounded by family celebrating her life.

"They've increase a whole lot.  I don't know if I can place them all," said Whiddon.

And, who could blame her?  She has over 5 generations as her legacy.  She is a mother of 4, has 12 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and 5 great great grandchildren.

Rebecca Holloway-Hall said Whiddon was a strict but loving grandmother.

"You take family for granted sometimes, and then, you look around.  You see that there are all these stepping stones.  And, they all came from her," said Holloway-Hall.

Holloway-Hall is one Whiddon's grandchildren.

But, do not let Whiddon's age fool you.  She still has spirit.

"I've been pretty wild here lately," said Whiddon.

She and her family are looking forward to the next birthday celebration.

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