Georgia recruiting violation with Crowell

COLUMBUS, GA  (WXTX) – Carver running back Isaiah Crowell's recruitment by Georgia has already gained negative attention from the NCAA. Crowell was recently deemed ineligible for the "missing man" formation used during his recruiting visit back in January.

According to reports, Coach Mark Richt had the Georgia offense, in alignment, on the practice field, with every position filled, except the running back position. Crowell was then handed a jersey and led to the vacant position.

The SEC interpreted the "missing man" as an improper gameday simulation which is prohibited by the NCAA. Georgia called for Crowell's reinstatement since he was not aware that the formation was considered illegal. Coach Richt did not believe the formation violated NCAA rules because it was not in the stadium or for public viewing, and a play was not run.

According to correspondence between Georgia and the NCAA, Crowell's eligibility has been reinstated already but Richt will be prohibited from speaking by phone to recruits or families during the April 2011 evaluation period.

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