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Pre-K teachers will likely take 10% salary cut

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Muscogee County Superintendent Dr. Susan Andrews explained to Board Members Monday night, under Governor Nathan Deal's list of cuts, teacher salaries would be the first on the chopping block.

Under the Governor's proposal, each teacher will have a 10% cut to his or her salary next year plus they will not gain any money for training and experience. "So any money they would get for having another year of experience is frozen at this year's level; any money they would get for an advance degree is frozen at this year's time," said Dr. Andrews.

She added, Governor Deal's original plan called for a 30% pay cut for Pre-K teachers.

She says she understands teachers will not be happy with any type of pay cut, no matter how small.

"This is an improvement than what we had to begin with but we still regret that we're having to sacrifice our Pre-K program in this way but very grateful we get to continue the program as a full day program."

Dr. Andrews isn't the only one grateful for the full-day program many Muscogee County School parents were concerned about their child's Pre-K day being cut in half leaving them unable to pick up their child.

"It is a better alternative we could not afford a bus in the middle of the day to take those 4 years olds home. We only get 20% of the transportation budget from the state."

As far as new teachers who may want to come into the Pre-K program, they will all get a flat pay rate under governor deal's proposal.

Dr. Andrews says another meeting will be held later this week to try to discuss the rate.

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