Columbus concerns for quake-hit Japanese sister city

By Web Staff – email

COLUMBUS, GA  (WTVM) – Columbus mayor Teresa Tomlinson expressed concerns Tuesday about Columbus' city sister city Kiryu in Japan.

Kiryu is about the same distance from Tokyo as Columbus is to Atlanta.

In early communications with the Kiryu mayor's office, officials reported having five days of gasoline energy left, residents there were also conserving electricity.

Mayor Tomlinson said Columbus has not heard from anyone in Kiryu since Monday.

"We are quite concerned that perhaps they've been evacuated due to the nuclear energy plants problems that they're having there and the emergencies that they're having there. We're asking all of our citizens to keep Kiryu and the country of Japan in their prayers. I think the situation is quite critical," said Tomlinson.

A group of Columbus State university students that were part of a delegation that went to Kiryu to mark its 19th anniversary are expected to come home Thursday.

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