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Report: Pump prices falling locally, nationally

By Roslyn Giles

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Gas prices are falling in Georgia and nationally.  According to AAA, the average price of regular unleaded dropped 3 cents to $3.44, since a week ago.  Nationally, the average price decreased 1 cent to $3.54.

But, drivers around Columbus say they're not feeling any relief as of yet.  One mother at the Chevron Gas Station on Manchester Expressway told us she can't afford to fill up her Jeep Cherokee.  Instead of purchasing a full tank of gas, she could only afford to get $5.00 worth unleaded.

"It's ridiculous, but I am a stay- at- home mom, so I'm just going home," said Sherry.  Although Sherry doesn't use as much gas as most motorists who travel to and from work daily, she said she is hoping to see a significant drop in gas prices soon.

AAA spokesman added it's uncertain whether prices will continue to drop this week since there is still much turmoil in the Mideast that could push oil prices higher.


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