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Russell Elementary closes its doors

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -For more than twenty years Beverly Jackson has known and loved Russell Elementary.

"I walked these halls from K- 3 grade on up to graduating and it's just like closeness that you feel because everybody here is family," Jackson said.

She loved the family so much she came back years later as a Para-professional helping students who sat in same seats she once did learn all they can and be their best.

Now after more than seventy years the place Beverly calls her home away home will close its doors forever.

"If you've been in a place for this long, what can you say because you are going to miss the environment; you are going to miss the people," Jackson said.

Russell County Superintendent William Green says the school building is beyond repair, and the estimated cost to update it stretches far beyond the district's annual budget.

He agrees with teachers that it's hard to let go of a school that has been such a positive influence on the community but feels it's best for the students.

"Our children will make new friendships, and have new opportunities, things will be better," Green said.

Beverly Jackson says she won't say goodbye to Russell Elementary just yet... For now she will focus on making memories with the students, parents, and teachers.

"Russell Elementary family loves the children and we love the parents because we have worked together to make a community here at Russell Elementary," Jackson.

A community she says will still thrive even after the desks are empty and doors are closed.

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