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Buying a car for about $50?

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The crowds poured into this lot at Carl Gregory Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge early this morning.  All trying and get their hands on a deal.  Susan Roberson was one of them.

"Well, I want a 49 dollar car.  Don't you?" said Roberson.

She was among the most passionate deal-hunter camping out at the front of the dealership since 7:30 last night.

"Oh we played cards and blow up mattresses and told jokes and just had a night of it.  It was fun," said Roberson.

This happens about every year.  Shoppers are let in the lot, have to find the car of their choice, get in, and honk.

However, some people were skeptical about the sale.  In the lot there were about 200 cars.  Only about 3 of those were priced at about $50.  Others could go anywhere up to about $30,000.  There was room for negotiations, and that is what most people said they loved about it.  Also, all cars have to meet safety regulations.

While some shoppers like Roberson could not find their dream cars, James Tucker could not help but beep for joy.  He is heading for college and was looking for the car to get him there.  Now, he will not have to worry about a car payment on top of his college tuition.  He was about to find one of the cars for about $50.

"I'm very excited.  I've been here since about 10 yesterday, and I see that the waiting paid off," said Tucker.

The first thing he said he is going to do with his '99 Saturn is take it home to show his mom.

"She's going to be very happy because I needed a car for college and now I'm able to have one," said Tucker.

 Not only will she be proud of his car but of the deal Tucker found.       

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