Spring Break 2011 Safety

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Spring break is next week for kids in Muscogee and Harris County schools. While it is a fun break for lots of students, every year there are stories of tragedies related with the vacation season.

Strength in numbers is top tip from Corporal Randy Brown with the Columbus Police Department for staying safe. "You have predators out who are looking for females, usually.  Usually the individual has gotten themselves in a position where they have become an easy target."

Spring Break means a lot more cars on the road. When driving, give yourself plenty of time. Try not to drive at night or in inclement weather.

"Do not put yourself on a deadline. Where you are going to find yourself being more of an aggressive driver. Aggressive drivers become irritated and they are more likely to speed and take chances on passing."

If your child is staying home for spring break, it takes just as much planning.  If you are leaving them at home be sure to sit down and explain when to answer the door and phone.  For children that are old enough to drive or go off with friends, you should know where they are at all times.  "Constant communication is important," explained Brown.  Corporal Brown also said, "the mall, movie theater, and all that has to be planned.  Certainly look at the age of the child closely.  We can't expect mall, store, and theater employees to supervise our children."

What ever your spring break vacation includes, planning is the most important key to staying safe.

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