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Military Men react to President Obama's Speech

By Katherine Kington -  bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Retired Fort Benning Commanding General Carmen Cavezza says after spending years in the military, he's thankful the United States is handing over their leadership of Operation Odyssey Dawn.

He says while he doesn't believe ground troops should be deployed, he also does not see, how the country could have not taken action, "my personal opinion is for us to stand by and watch a government kill its own people, we've done that for centuries, for years, I'm not sure we can do that it's not necessarily the unites states that needs to do it, it needs to be the United Nations." President Obama said, "While I will never minimize the costs of military action, I am convinced that a failure to act in Libya would have carried a far greater price for America."

Monday night, President Obama told the Nation the U.S. did what we set out to do in a short time;  prevent immediate danger from Libyan civilians, enforce a no-fly zone and stop Qaddafi's deadly advance.

NATO will take over the Operation Wednesday. Clif Payne, a 2nd Lieutenant at Fort Benning says, "I believe the president will listen to his military advisors, take what they have to say in full spectrum and based upon those decisions follow through with the best decisions."

President Obama stood firm behind his decision of attacking Libya due to Qaddafi's continuing retaliation and refusal to back down, even sending his troops to fight and kill his own people.

These military men agree with the President on that point, but worry about what comes down the road as the conflict in Libya continues. General Cavezza says, "I think we gotta be cautious when we get in these situations when we get in front we're taking the lead and suddenly we become the focal point."

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