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Police: Man made up story of being pulled over by fake cop

Billy Bush (Source: Columbus Police Department) Billy Bush (Source: Columbus Police Department)

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Columbus investigators say a man who reported being pulled over by a fake cop made the whole thing up.

On March 6th at 1:30 AM, 45-year-old Billy Bush told police he was driving east on Macon Road near the Pratt and Whitney building when a dark colored, unmarked Crown Victoria pulled up beside him, flashing the headlights. He said a voice came over the car's PA system telling him to pull over.

Bush claimed a man dressed in dark clothes and wearing a baseball cap with the letters DEA came up to Bush's Cadillac Deville and told him they were doing drug checks in the area.

He patted Bush down in the front of his car when suddenly, another light-colored Crown Victoria pulled up with several men inside. He says the men shouted "Just shoot him" and the DEA agent stole his eyeglasses, wallet, $1400 cash, cell phone and car, leaving him stranded on the road.

He flagged down a car and got a ride home where he called police.

Detectives started investigating the case and say red flags were raised immediately especially since Bush waited until he got home to report the crime instead of going to the nearest cash station. He also passed a police precinct.

Investigators believe he made the entire story up in order to report his car stolen to get the insurance money.

His Cadillac was found later that day, burnt in Talbot County.

According to police, Bush has a history of making faulty insurance claims, reporting his car stolen five times before with different insurance companies.

Detectives say his "whole life is built around fraud" and Bush could not answer any detailed questions about the case when he was interviewed.

He was arrested Tuesday.

He's charged with Insurance Fraud, Making False Statements and Writings and False Report of a Crime.

He's scheduled to appear in Columbus Recorder's Court Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

It's still under investigation whether he was working with an accomplice.

Investigators say they've received a number of calls from residents in the area where Bush reported the crime, saying the saw unmarked police cars trying to pull people over and now, police are calming their fears by saying that Bush was lying from the start.

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