Police sit down with "Killa D", a person of interest in barbershop killings

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) -  In February 2010, Phenix City was shaken by a double murder at a barbershop in the middle of the day.

Since then, the investigation seemed to be at a stand still until police found the name and location of a key witness.

"Killa D" is a name we heard over and over during the murder investigation. Although he has not been named as a suspect in the case, Phenix City police are classifying him as a person of interest.

They caught up with him recently while he was incarcerated for traffic violations in Louisiana.

The double murder at Rad Kutz in 2010 had an entire community talking, but not to police. Very few witnesses offered information on what events lead to the killings.

"We were able to identify one of the persons of interest. I believe we ran it through Crime Stoppers. This person was identified as "Killa D"," said Captain Frank Ivey with the Phenix City Police Department.

From evidence collected on the scene and witness testimony, Phenix City Police were able to piece together some details. Ivey said, "Mr. Weeks was at the barbershop and Mr. Dixon came to the barbershop and an argument ensued between the two gentlemen and that precipitated the shooting."

But Shedrick Dixon and Keith Weeks weren't the only people said to be involved in the shootings, Capt. Ivey says "Killa D" was also present, "Based on statements we have received, yes he was present at the time."

Once investigators tracked him down, they hit yet another roadblock when "Killa D" refused to talk.

"He was not very forthcoming during the interview about any activities he was involved with in Phenix City," explained Ivey.

Even though they couldn't get the information they were seeking from him, Capt. Ivey feels confident others can help solve this double murder case, "Someone can come forward with the information that is needed to aid us in closing this case."

We understand "Killa D" may be out on bond from that Louisiana jail, and until Phenix City police can find enough evidence to link him to the double murder, he is not a suspect in the case.

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