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Florida murder suspect crashes in Stewart Co.

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STEWART COUNTY, GA (WXTX) – Authorities say a Florida man who stabbed his former girlfriend, her father and her new boyfriend has been caught in Stewart County.

Andrew Wilson, 24, was found semi-conscious and weak after crashing his car on GA Highway 1 North in Louvale, ten miles north of Lumpkin.

Stewart County Sergeant John Tyler was on call when Wilson's Ford Explorer crashed in front of his house.

Tyler thought Wilson had slid down an embankment due to Wednesday morning's rainy weather but he realized he wasn't dealing with just the victim of a car accident.

"I saw an individual hanging out of the door, the window of the vehicle. Blood was coming from his fingers. I asked him what happened and he said he had cut his hand. He said, 'I might as well go on and tell you I just killed three people down in Tallahassee.' He said, 'You're going to find out anyhow as soon as you find out who I am. I just murdered three people," the sergeant said.

With the help of 911 dispatchers, Tyler confirmed that Wilson was wanted. Wilson was covered in blood and had a knife next to him on the front passenger seat.

"He's in the air conditioning business and they trim around ducts with this knife. It was probably 10-12 inches long," Tyler said.

Tyler says Wilson had tendons sticking out of his hand and he escorted Wilson to the Columbus Regional Medical Center for stitches.

According to Keith Blackmar, Public Information Officer for the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office, Wilson's 19-year-old ex-girlfriend Gabrielle McKenzie was stabbed and left for dead in the Florida home where she was living with her dad. So far, she has survived her injuries.

Her father, John McKenzie, and her new boyfriend, 24-year-old Patrick Pittman, were stabbed to death. Wilson's baby was also found at the murder scene but was mostly unharmed. All of the injuries were consistent with knife wounds, according to Blackmar, even though guns were found in the home. He describes the scene as "horrific" and says killings like this don't tend to happen in their rural county.

Wakulla County is part of the Tallahassee metro area in Northern Florida.

Sergeant Tyler says Wilson told him he was on his way to Macon Road in Columbus, saying his brother lives behind the Macon Road Barbeque and he was "trying to get away." Tyler says Wilson also admitted to being drunk and "taking pills" and says he crashed his car because he was about to pass out. Stewart County officials say they're relieved Wilson didn't make it to Columbus, considering his state of mind.

"I think we might have saved somebody else's life by getting him here in Stewart County," Tyler told WXTX.

Andrew Wilson was booked into the Muscogee County Jail and will be extradited to Florida to face murder charges.

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