Playboy casting call in Auburn

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - For decades, Playboy has been in the headlines for racy pictures, beautiful women, and an ease of raising eyebrows.  Now, the magazine has made its way to our area.

Alexa Jirad is in her third year at Auburn University majoring in Health Promotion she hopes to be a medical sales representative one day.  But, for now, she wants a spot in Playboy.

"I've always wanted to be in Playboy so I thought I would come give it a try because it would be my once in a life time so why not," said Jirad.

Playboy was doing casting calls Sunday and Monday for the newest edition of Girls of the SEC.  Before the photo shoot, girls must prove they are 18 years old and are students at the university.

News Leader Nine wanted find out if these girls would regret their decision in a couple of year when they are fresh out of college and on the job hunt.

Maria Hagen, the producer on set, said Playboy could actually be a stepping stone for some girls.

"I think that is one of the biggest misconceptions of Playboy, that it actually will hinder your career.  In fact, I think it can be quite the opposite.  A lot of girls go on to be huge interior designers, lawyers, doctors, and teachers," said Hagen.

Hagen said this is a chance to show that Playboy represents not just beautiful women, but women who have worked hard for their education.

And, while Jirad said she was nervous before her photo shoot, she is not scared about her future employers finding out if she gets a spot in the magazine.  She has other worries on her mind.

"I don't know what my dad is going to say but yeah that's another story," said Jirad.

Luckily for her, he lives in Delaware.

Playboy last highlighted the "Girls of the SEC" in its October 2007 issue.

During Playboy's search, photographers will spend up to two days interviewing candidates at each of the following schools:

Auburn University - April 3 & 4

University of Florida - April 6 & 7

University of Arkansas - April 7 & 8

University of Alabama - April 8 & 9

Louisiana State University - April 11 & 12

Vanderbilt University - April 12

Mississippi State University - April 13 & 14

University of Tennessee - April 16 & 17

University of Kentucky - April 17 & 18

University of Mississippi - April 18 & 19

Female candidates must be at least 18 years old and must be registered as full- or part-time students at a SEC university.

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