Students rally for concealed weapons on CSU campus

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It is a controversial issue: whether or not people should be able to carry licensed weapons onto a college campus.  One group, students for concealed carry on campus, at Columbus state university is fighting for the right to do just that.

Some tragic images are permanently apart of our country's history: 2 teens killing 11 of their fellow students at Denver's Columbine High School and 33 dead after a shooting spree in a dorm and classrooms at Virginia Tech.

The memory of those events is why these students are gathering today.  With reenactments, CSU's group of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus especially is rallying for their 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms.  News Leader Nine spoke with the group's president, Jason Stubbs.

"It's prohibited for law abiding citizens to protect themselves but criminals don't care about the laws.  You know so they would look for a place like this with no weapons allowed sign which would mean only people who have weapons are the criminals," explained Stubbs.

Right now as Georgia law stands, people can have their licensed weapons in their vehicles on campus, but they are not permitted to carry the weapons.

Critics of carrying weapons on campus say doing so would only promote violence, but Stubbs told News Leader Nine the opposite.

"You don't go looking for a right.  We don't own bullet proof vests like police officers.  We don't have the ability to call in and radio our position like police officers so we wouldn't act that way," said Stubbs.

Despite different proposals to change the law, legislation in favor of carrying weapons on campuses just is not passing.

Stubbs said for now the organization will continue to advocate for their rights by showing students different ways to protect themselves without weapons.

Still, there are strong opinions that carrying weapons on campus, even with good intentions, could be dangerous.  Right now, it is a misdemeanor in Georgia to carry a licensed weapon on campus.

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