New company brings jobs and millions of dollars to Phenix City

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) -  A brand new business is popping up in Phenix City, bringing a multi-million dollar investment and creating local jobs.

In a time where we're told the economy is still in recovery, it's sometimes surprising to hear of a new business setting up shop in the area, but Tuesday Phenix City council members welcomed their newest neighbor: Infiltrator.

Infiltrator Systems Incorporated is considered a world leader in the production of wastewater and septic products. Now they are bringing their business to the Phenix City Industrial Park.

Jim Free, with Sales and Government Relations for Infiltrator said, "These products that we're making are very bulky and the manufacturing has to be regionalized. We'll be supplying Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee out of this facility here."

J.W. Brannan with Phenix City Economic Development said Infiltrator is bringing money to Phenix City, "They invested over $4 million in our community and also another half a million on improvements to the grounds and the buildings."

And Phenix City Mayor Sonny Coulter said they are creating 26 local jobs with room to grow,"New jobs are new jobs for all of us and anytime you can bring in a new industry like Infiltrator Systems, then you can consider yourself lucky especially in this economy."

The city thinks Infiltrator chose a good city considering the upcoming growth in the area.

"BRAC certainly will help their company and as they grow we have let them understand we are standing there to help any way we can when they start expanding," Brannan told News Leader Nine.

Free added, "Our products are directly tied to the residential housing industry, so as that improves we hope we will do even better."

The company has already been producing products, and say they have plenty of room to grow in their new home.

Over the next few months the company will expand their buildings and complete their transition to the Phenix City Industrial Park.

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