Reynolds ravaged by storms

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email

REYNOLDS, GA (WTVM) -  It's not something you see everyday- a trampoline torn to shreds and wrapped around a tree. But that's minor compared to some of the other damage left behind in downtown Reynolds, Georgia.

Residents say a sudden surge of strong winds tore through the quiet town in the middle of the night Tuesday.

Terry Sapp was asleep inside his home with his wife and their 15 children when they heard the wicked weather reaping havoc around them.

"At about one o'clock, we were awakened by a horrific noise, wind, trees falling. It was pretty wicked. It was the wind shaking the house, trees coming down. As you see, when they hit the ground the house shook a little bit so it was pretty intense there for a minute or two," he said.

A few streets over, a massive tree rests on a historic Reynolds home, the windows busted out and roof caved in. The resident's sons, Steven and David Jenkins, were visiting from Indiana for a family funeral when the storm blew through.

"The windows were really rattling, very high winds. Then we heard the crash. We didn't know what had happened. My mother was downstairs and we were upstairs. It's pitch black, no power and we didn't have flashlights so we just got downstairs as quickly as we could and survey the damage," Steven said.

"That tree is 100 plus years old and weighs many, many tons. We've got several trees down here across the driveway and everywhere else so it's going to be quite a clean-up project," David added.

The clean up is just beginning. Crews were everywhere Tuesday. Sapp thinks he'll be working on his lawn for a month.

"We're getting things cut out, vehicles cut, the road cut so we could get cars out. The water's back on. Hopefully we can get power back on," said Reynolds resident Todd McPhail.

Despite the destruction, everyone seemed to be giving thanks, knowing things could have been much worse.

"It was a blessing for sure that no one got hurt. We were being looked after by the Lord, I guess. We're very grateful," Sapp added.

Taylor County isn't alone when it comes to dealing with storm damage. There were also reports of trees in homes and widespread power outages in Meriwether County and Marion County.

Statewide, more than 120,000 residents were still without power late Tuesday afternoon.

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