Be There: Proving the Right Answer

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Sometimes teachers have to act like a child's parent and sometimes parents have to act as a teacher. News Leader Nine sat down with one parent who is pulling double duty.

The mother in this "Be There" was at odds with her son over a homework problem. Not only did she want to prove to him that she was right, but she also wanted to teach him the reasons behind her answer. It was a teachable moment that neither one of them have forgotten.

"We were cooking dinner and we were doing some homework about prepositions and we were finding prepositions in a sentence," explained Brendon Smith, an 8th grade student at Fort Middle School.

His mother, Star Smith, teaches 7th grade math at the same school. She said, "I made up a sentence: Brendon and mom are cooking spaghetti in the kitchen while studying for his preposition test. I told him to pick out all the prepositions and he picked all of them out except for."

That one word started a debate between the two of them. Brendon looked up "for" in the dictionary, but still didn't believe it was a preposition. He explained, "I said, you're a math teacher and she agreed that she didn't know that much about English but she did know this."

When he still wouldn't budge on the subject, he says his mom went the next step, "My mom called a couple other teachers that work here and they all said it was a preposition."

Smith told News Leader Nine, "There's so much about Language Arts that I don't know, but I find time to research it and look it up in his books and use all the availabilities they give us as parents to help him be successful."

Not only did Brendon do well on his test, but he also learned a very valuable lesson, "There are some kids that don't have parents like that and I'm very fortunate that I have a parent that cares so much about me and my education that will help."

Mrs. Smith says that if another parent ever goes through a similar situation, there are plenty of resources to help them through homework problems. As a parent she recommends using links on the Muscogee County School District's website, and as a teacher she tells us that every textbook has a website that will have the answers.

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