GA Dept. of Labor says it is prepared for a shutdown

From the Georgia Department of Labor

ATLANTA – State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said that the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) is prepared to continue all services to Georgians in the event of a shutdown of the federal government.

"We are working closely with the U.S Department of Labor and have taken the steps necessary to ensure that recipients of state and federal extended unemployment insurance benefits will receive payments on schedule," said Butler. "We also have plans in place to provide services to assist furloughed federal employees throughout Georgia with filing claims for unemployment insurance, should that become necessary."

Butler said that the GDOL is awaiting additional information from the federal government about which, and how many, employees would be furloughed. There are 102,400 federal employees in Georgia.

"I urge all federal employees who might be furloughed to first check with their respective agencies for instructions and to monitor our web site for up-to-date information and instructions necessary to file unemployment insurance claims.

The department web site is