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How a government shutdown could affect military families

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While the debate over the country's budget continues on Capitol Hill, Trisha Fraley is feeling the heat in the Valley.  Her husband, Kenneth, is a pre-ranger instructor on Fort Benning.  Fraley said her husband came home with some devastating news last night.

"Well, this paycheck will be cut in half, but we are just not sure.  They were briefed yesterday all that they're not sure when they're going to get, if they're going to get cut all the way or if they're just going to get half.  So, we're kind of on stand-by for the next however long until they figure this out," said Fraley.

Fraley and so many military families in our area face the chance of not receiving their paychecks at all if lawmakers cannot reach a budget agreement before midnight and there is a government shutdown.  That includes troops in the US and those deployed.  Fraley told News Leader Nine it makes her sad and angry especially when members of Congress would still be paid. 

"This just doesn't seem right to me.  It doesn't seem that you go out of the country, you're deployed, you come back, and then when you're on the home front, you're here doing your day to day life training.  Then, oh, you're not going to be taken care of," said Fraley.

And, it does not end with military.  800,000 federal workers would be furloughed.  People who work for organizations like Social Security, Veterans Affairs, and the IRS and other not needed for the protection of human life and property.

Essential workers like law enforcement would still report for duty, but they would not see paychecks either until the government is back up and running again.  For Fraley and thousands of families, it is a waiting game now.

News Leader Nine is waiting to hear the latest from Fort Benning on their plans in case the government does shut down.  According to an article by CNN, military personnel will not receive paychecks.

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