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New seafood campaign as oil spill anniversary approaches

We are just days from the anniversary of one of the worst man-made environmental disasters ever-- the BP gulf oil spill.

The point of a restaurant is to get the food on the table, and last year that was difficult for the managers at Wintzell's in Huntsville.

"Some of the products you ran out of there wasn't anything you could do, you just couldn't get that product. The prices went up pretty drastically for a while," said Wintzell's General Manager Jeremy Smith.

When your specialty is oysters right out of the gulf, it was a challenge to keep business going.

"Customers had the question about where the food is coming from? What's the quality of the product? Is it safe to eat? You would get phone calls all the time," added Smith.

There's a new campaign to help boost consumer confidence.

"People were kind of worried about eating the seafood. We assured them that it was ok and slowly but surely they started to come back," said Cajun Crazy Wings kitchen manager Mark Funk.

Now a year later, things seem to have turned around.

"You don't have any of those questions or the problems we had, it's great quality products coming out of the gulf everyday," said Smith.

The Alabama Coastal Recovery Commission is leading the campaign to promote the seafood business and tourism, so get ready to start seeing plenty of commercials and billboard ads promoting the gulf as we get closer to the anniversary.    

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