Wife gives husband ultimate gift

By Barbara Gauthier - bio | email

It's a true love story.  A Smiths Station wife gives her husband the one gift he needed the most, a kidney.

After 24 years of marriage, Ann and Richard Parkinson have shared a lot of things, but Richard never dreamed his wife would be the perfect biological match and able to donate a kidney.  Richard has been on dialysis for the last two years after his kidney failed.  He was born with kidney problems and had issues all his life.

Ann says she knew she would match her husband because as she puts it "they were made for each other."  Even though Richard never wanted her to get tested, she did it anyway and about a month ago learned the news that she was indeed a match.

The couple underwent the transplant surgery this morning at The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Hospital this morning and all went well.  Richard has a new kidney and Ann says she knows they will always be together.  Richard says he's blessed to have Ann and appreciates the sacrifice that he says many wives would not have made for their husbands.

Ann says she did it out of love.  As for what she may want in return now that her husband has one of her kidneys, Anne said a trip to Hawaii would be nice.

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