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Local Businesses in Downtown Columbus fear weekend crimes will halt business

By Katherine Kington -  bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Robert Folk is a partner in Big City Club and owner of Van Dyke Salon, both downtown.

He says he can already tell his Club will take a big hit from this weekend's incidents. "It's absolutely gonna hurt all the nightime businesses, not just the bars but the restaurants and other businesses that are open with other services."

Stephen Thompson has lived downtown for 7 years, he says even though he feels safe he knows it will take a while for people to feel safe again. "It may for a little bit I mean you have to have those jitters wear off but after a little while I think people will come back downtown." Folk says. "I understand it scares people but it was an intentional but it was also a random incident downtown, this doesn't happen every weekend."

Although some businesses downtown have seen a decrease in business Monday, Ride on Bikes had a lot of customers. Garrett Lawrence, Store Manager, says he thinks the apprehension in people wanting to come downtown will subside shortly.

"It was quieter and some of the businesses were talking about how they had less foot traffic things like that but I think overall, we're gonna bounce back."

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