Shooting victim speaks out

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Four men are still recovering after a man opened fire on them on Broadway over the weekend.  Now, the victim who was shot in the leg then treated and released from the hospital is speaking out about what happened that night.

The victim told News Leader Nine Sunday morning everything seemed normal, and it had been a good night.

"And, all of a sudden somebody just walked up out of the blue and just started firing at us," said the victim.

Leaving him with a bullet in his left thigh, 2 of his fellow security guards for Mario's on Broadway with gunshots in the abdomen, and a friend with a gunshot to his hand.

He said it all goes back a week ago last Sunday morning when he and the other men were working security for a club in Phenix City.  He explained when they would not let a group of men inside the club without ids it turned into a fight.

"And, we broke it up and they went on ahead and went home and they said they were going to come back for us later on," said the victim.

He said he is thankful to be alive so much so he can laugh about his injuries.

"I mean, I'm shot.  It hurts but you know I'm alive.  I'm breathing.  I'm eating, I'm good, I guess," said the victim.

But, for him the nightmare is how much worse that night could have been with all the bars Uptown closing, people out and about, and Columbus State University students right across the street.

"It could have been much worse.  It could have been much worse.  Like I said this is something that you that you never really expect to happen," said the victim.

Now, his thoughts and hopes are with his friends recovering in the hospital.

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