Update on Toomer's Corner Oak Trees at Auburn

By Web Staff – email

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) –  Horticultural experts say one of the two beloved oak trees at Toomer's Corner has yet to show signs that it is dying.

However, the other tree is not fairing as well.

Experts say the tree on College Street looks pretty bad. The canopy is much less dense than it should be and the leaves are a yellow-bronze color, indicating the poison has reached and is killing the foliage.

But the tree on Magnolia Avenue looks normal.

Professor Gary Keever says, "I believe that we did get most of the herbicide out of the bed out of the second excavation which is a positive thing. It gives us some hope that we can save at least one tree."

Auburn spring scrimmage game is this weekend and thousands of fans are expected to be in town.

The university is asking fans not roll the trees because it causes a lot of stress and the trees cannot handle it now.

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