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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Tuesday's undercover bust has put a number of people on edge - leading some people to be suspicious about what happens behind closed doors at massage parlors.

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Some massage therapists in Columbus say their businesses are not tainted. "It's really unfortunate for the therapist that we have here that are licensed and nationally certified," said Amy Lewark .

Lewark owns Advanced Performance Massage off Williams Road in Columbus. She says there are some things that you should do if you want a legitimate massage experience. 

First, look to see if a certified license is properly displayed in the business.

"To get a state license in the state of Georgia requires 500 clock hours of massage for formal training in order to practice in Muscogee County. You are required to have a business license," Lewark said.

A second key, Lewark says, do some online research about their spa of choice.  

Thirds, she says, you should verbally state what you want from your therapist. If the therapist crosses the line, then you should let them know and notify police.

"We had complaints from a couple of clients that have been to places over the past few years that propositioned them and made them feel comfortable and they didn't go back because they were looking for a therapeutic massage, " Lewark said.

Lewark also suggests asking around. She says you can find out by word-of-mouth about the reputation of a spa.

"If you are going to an establishment to get a therapeutic massage for pain or for relaxation and somebody sexually harasses you that's just unacceptable," Lewark said.

An important factor is knowing how massages will effect your health and how long.
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