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Things you need to know if you haven't filed your taxes

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The first thing to know if you're a procrastinator and have put off filing those dreaded taxes is this year you've got some extra time, "Friday the 15th this year happens to be a federal holiday in Washington and therefore because it falls on a federal holiday they have extended it till Monday", Said H&R Tax Advisor,  Betty Sample.

Three extra days to file your taxes could be a lot of time if you take advantage of it this weekend. Many tax preparation places are open on the weekends, and if that's not enough time, you can file for a 6-month extension; but before you file for one, Sample says you need to know what you're getting into.

"An extension is simply an extension of time to file, not to pay. Many people are under the impression that well I don't have my balance so I don't have my balance due to pay so let me file an extension and send that balance with the extension."

85 percent of Americans filed their taxes electronically this year and the IRS reports more and more are doing it themselves. Sample says soon the IRS won't even permit paper filing. The IRS is encouraging everybody to file electronically either on their own or through a tax company because eventually they're going to require to file electronically."

If you purchased a new home with the home buyers credit in 2008, it's now time to pay that back.

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