Columbus Mayor speaks out about Uptown violence

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some local citizens are questioning the safety of Uptown Columbus.  This after two violent crimes happened there last weekend.  

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is speaking out about the violence and the safety of downtown.

Memories from last weekend's crimes still haunt Uptown Columbus business owners.  Early Saturday morning, police told News Leader 9 four men allegedly beat another man and one turned on a girl who was trying to break up the fight while fifth man stood by and watched. 

Then, Sunday four men gunned down on Broadway.  Both incidents happening only 24 hours apart and when businesses are closing up for the night, one of the busiest times for Uptown.  Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said the city will not tolerate the violence.

"Not only are we going to be upping the patrols that we have on the weekends particularly in Uptown but Uptown itself hires off duty police officers, 8, for the weekend.  And so, we're going to be cranking all that up making sure people feel safe over these next few weeks," said Tomlinson.

Roonie Griffeth owns Mix in Uptown Columbus.  He said while the two crimes were unfortunate business owners in that area must do their part to make their customers feel safe.

"I think it's a very isolated incident that happened and it's unfortunate but for the most part downtown here is very secure.  There are a lot of officers always on hand and each business does their part to control their environment," said Griffeth.

Tomlinson said the city wants to ensure more than just easing people's minds though.

"It is a safe place to go.  It has been a safe place.  These incidents were incredible unfortunate.  We're going to make sure those individuals responsible are brought to justice," said Tomlinson.

Now, Griffeth said his business will keep moving forward while he has the victims in their thoughts.

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