Georgia Governor Nathan Deal in Columbus

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia Governor Nathan Deal made a stop in Columbus.  It is part of the kick off to the 2 day, 3rd Congressional District Republican Convention this weekend.

Deal was in Columbus to meet supporters, show his gratitude, and explain some of the bills that need his approval.

News Leader Nine talked with Governor Deal about two controversial bills waiting his signature: bills on immigration and Sunday alcohol sales.

Over 300 bills are waiting for Deal's approval.  During his stop in Columbus for the 3rd Congressional District Republican Convention, he took the time to talk about some of those with the people in the Valley.

The two on most minds: Immigration and Sunday Alcohol sales.

The Arizona like immigration bill requires employers with 10 or more employees to use a federal database to check the immigration status of new hires and would allow police officers to check the legal status of criminal suspects.

Critics of the law say that it will drive business away from the state and allow for racial profiling.  But, Deal explained to News Leader Nine he disagrees.

"I think our people in this state believe that our government should be founded on the rule of law, and that's really what this legislation comes back to--is that saying if you are going to work in our state, you should be here legally in our country," said Deal.

As for Sunday alcohol sales, the bill is designed so communities have the chance to vote on whether or not to sell alcohol on Sundays.  While Deal said he will likely sign the bill, he said he would not vote for it in his community.  However, he said the bill is more about trusting the people of Georgia to make wise decisions and decisions that are right for their community.

"I think local communities can make a judgment call as to whether or not they want to have Sunday sales in their community and let the people vote on it.  Every community's not going to vote the same on it," said Deal.

Deal said he will start the process of going through the about 300 bills waiting his approval on Monday.  He told News Leader Nine he most likely will sign both the immigration and Sunday alcohol sales bills.

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