Father-son duo arrested for burglarizing home

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

MIDLAND, GA (WXTX) - On Friday afternoon, Stephanie Woodham drove up to her home off County Line Road in Midland and saw a man carrying her fax machine out her front door. "I was kind of stunned because he was very laid back about what he was doing and it kind of took me a second to register that I was being robbed," explained Woodham.

Harris County Deputies say 40-year-old Scott Hall put the fax machine in his car and drove away. Woodham got the car's tag number and description, and quickly called 911.

"I was on the phone with 911 when my son's motorcycle came out from behind my house with no one on it. So, it let me know that somebody else was on my property," said Woodham.

The other man on her property was Hall's son, 19-year-old Justin Conaway.

Deputies said the burglary duo was using the oldest trick in the book. They go up to your door and knock, if someone answered, they would make an excuse or ask to use a phone. If no one answered, they would let themselves in.

Using the description Woodham gave the officials, Hall was stopped and arrested.  When his father left him, Conaway ran in to the woods behind the home.  Conaway went to a house a few doors down and asked to use a phone.  He called relatives to come and pick him up.  Investigators were alerted by the home owner of the suspicious activity and quickly called the number back, luring the relatives to identify Conaway.  He was arrested and taken to the Harris County Jail.

"The Harris County Sheriff's Department sure knows how to make a girl feel safe in the county. they really responded, it was amazing how quickly," said Woodham.

Sheriff's deputies say Woodham helped too, using Facebook to alert her neighbors about the burglar on the loose. She also became a part of an email alert system for the Midland area, called the Panhandle Region Alert Roster.  It is run by Terry Gumbert, who says it pays to be a nosy neighbor.  "In the rural areas, this is of vital importance because we are separated by space."

Investigators have confirmed that the father-son duo is connected to several other burglaries in a tri-county area.  Charges in those cases are pending.

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