Former Aflac customers sentenced to prison for fraud

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Eight former Aflac customers stood before a judge today to find out their fate for submitting fraudulent documents and reports to Aflac, after pleading guilty to the crime last November.

The customers-turned-suspects claimed injuries and disabilities they did not have, all for the sole purpose of getting money back from the huge insurance company. Documents state physician letters, car accidents reports, radiology and hospital reports were altered and used to back up faulty claims.

Tuesday, Judge Clay Land sentenced five of the defendants to six months in prison for their minimal involvement in the fraudulent activity. Jesus de la Torre was given a year and a day behind bars for his involvement. Candace Garcia was sentenced to seven months in prison because she made more than one claim which Judge Land said made her different than the rest.

Stephanie Ervin has to do the least amount of prison time. Her lawyer William Kirby explained, "I think the judge took pity on her because of the situation. she has a disabled child that she cares for." Ervin will spend two months in prison and four months in home confinement.

The woman who officials say was the center of it all, Danielle Mahone, a former Aflac employee that worked in the claims department will go to court the first week of May. Court records show she helped recruit the policy holders to keep the scheme going, and money coming from the faulty claims.

The man accused of working with Mahone, Travis Washington will be in court in June.

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