Be There: Bringing Lessons to Life

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Sometimes when students read about historic events in school, the information may get lost in translation. In this week's be there, we find out how one mother brought a lesson about Martin Luther King Jr. to life.

When Tess Fisher was riding from Texas to Georgia she took the time in the car as an opportunity to teach her kids about some historic sites along the way. The main stop revolved around Martin Luther King Jr.'s march from Selma to Montgomery, "To actually be where he was at, it was just surreal to us."

Her son Sir'Quayn Fisher is a sophomore at Early College in Columbus. He explained, "When we were getting close my grandma told us this is where Martin Luther King walked and he walked from Selma. When we got to the other place she said "this is where he stopped and you know how long it took us, imagine how long it took them to walk it."

Tess thought it was important that they talk as a family about the significance of the walk and actually see the places where the civil rights leader stopped.

"All we did was learn about it in textbooks, not actually being there. It was a different experience for us. A textbook is just a picture but to see it for yourself with your own eyes is a different thing for me," said Tess Fisher.

And her children can now relate that experience to what they are learning in class. Sir'Quayn added, "When you read it in a book, it's a lot, but you can't really imagine it. But when you see it you can imagine it and how hard it was to walk and the fact that they had to stop overnight and stuff like that."

Tess Fisher's youngest son is in first grade and after the trip he went to the library to check out a book about Martin Luther King Jr. so he could learn more about the man they talked about.

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